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BREAKFAST 7.30am to noon

Freshly baked croissant filled with local ham and mild cheddar cheese         £2.50

Freshly baked croissant with a side of butter and preserves                        £1.50

Slice of toast with your choice of spread or preserve                                  £0.50

Lightly toasted bagel with a choice of spread or preserves                          £2.50

Moka's favourite granola served with honey, Greek yoghurt & fresh fruit      £3.50

Breakfast Panini                                                                                      £4.95

Breakfast Toastie                                                                                     £4.45

For your panini or toastie choose any combination of Gloucester Old Spot sausage, local bacon, fresh vine tomato, mild cheddar cheese. All served with a grilled tomato and garnish.


CAKES AND PASTRIES  served all day

A selection of French pastries, tea cakes, biscuits and cakes - please see counter for today's selection. Prices from £1.20 to £2.50.


SALADS served from noon until close

Please choose from one of our home-made flavoured oils, the house dressing or even go naked!

Using the base mix of a traditional Greek salad of red onion, cucumber, mixed peppers & tomatoes served on a bed of fresh leaves wit rocket, choose to add:

Feta cheese and black olives                                                                            £4.25

Parma ham with fresh fig and mozzarella                                                          £5.75

Avacado, buffalo mozzarella and sundried tomatoes                                           £5.25

Lemon chicken with feta, rocket pesto, sundried tomatoes and black olives          £5.50


SOUP served all day

Please see board for today's flavour - served with fresh bread                            £3.95


LUNCH served from noon to 3pm (Sat and Sun to 4pm)

Please select your favourite bread and then choose from one of the fillings listed below or invent your own combination. All our lunch options are garnished with fresh leaves and root vegetable crisps. (50p less for take-away)

BREAD: freshly baked foccacia, ciabatta, sliced white or granary, bagel or panini - all can be toasted.


Locally farmed ham, mild cheddar, sliced vine tomato and red onion chutney                    £3.95

Locally farmed ham, soft brie, rocket and cranberry sauce                                              £4.30

Chicken breast, fresh rocket, sliced red onion and yellow pepper puree with mozzarella    £4.75

Lemon chicken breast, feta, rocket, black olives & sundried tomatoes and puree              £4.75

Posh 'BLT' - Parma ham, rocket, vine tomato & roasted garlic mayo                                £4.95

Sundried tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, goats cheese, black olives & rocket (v)            £4.45

Avocado, vine tomato, buffalo mozzarella, yellow pepper puree & rocket (v)                    £4.95

Brie, peperonata, rocket and sundried tomatoes (v)                                                      £4.50

Tuna, avocado, capers, buffalo mozzarella and lemon mayo                                           £4.85

Smoked salmon & cream cheese with a twist of lemon & a grind of pepper                      £5.45

Smoked salmon, red pepper, rocket, cream cheese & a drizzle of chilli oil                        £5.75

alternatively please see our specials board


BRUSCHETTA served noon until close

Parma ham with fresh fig, rocket and mozzarella, drizzled with chilli oil                          £4.95

Smoked salmon, feta, peperonata and fresh rocket                                                      £5.25

Avocado, buffalo mozzarella, vine tomato and rocket pesto (v)                                     £4.75


The above ingredients may contain gluten or traces of nuts and seeds. Please ask for further information.





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